Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve
Co-founder & CEO @ Alan
25 oct 2016Les (bonnes) nouvelles

Alan, the first digital health insurance company in France

Back in 1986, Charles and I were not born yet, and it was the last time an independent insurer was licensed in France.

Today, we can reset the counter: we are very happy to announce that Alan is now a new French health insurer licensed by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACPR).

It means that we can now execute on our ambition to revolutionize health insurance and are launching today in France on

Our objective is to modernise health insurance by focusing heavily on improving user experience while providing an excellent price-quality ratio health plan.

To support our vision, we have raised over €12m in one of the biggest French seed rounds ever with OpenCNP (CNP Assurances’ investment arm), Partech Ventures, Power Financial Corporation of Canada, and several individual tech entrepreneurs we respect and love.

We are now ready to onboard start-ups and companies in France by delivering a sleek user experience and a great coverage for €55 a month per user.


Since we started the company in January, we have focused on solving all the frustrations we had with health insurance: complexity, paper, crazy admin process, asymmetry of information.

We are extremely proud of what our team has achieved in the past 6 months to provide you the best integrated service. I cannot express how much we are amazed by everyone working at Alan.

Most people view health insurance as a necessary evil, an institution they cannot trust rather than a great experience. It is something we want to change, by helping you take control of your healthcare.

Je suis, tu suis, nous suivons.
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If you are a French company, you can now get health coverage in less than 5 minutes without any paperwork at

One more thing: if you have already a contract for your company, incumbent French insurers make it mandatory to cancel before October 31st (one of the numerous market standards we want to change at Alan by offering you the possibility to leave your contract anytime). Rest assured, we take care of everything for the transition.

Please share with us all your feedback and ideas so we can build together the future of health insurance.

Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve
Co-founder & CEO @ Alan

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