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« It’s time to give back » (in English)

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As you might have guessed, during the Covid-19 outbreak, personal health care spending dropped a lot — if not downright. According to the CNAM, reimbursements for medical and dental care (from the "régime general") fell by 18.1% over the period from January to May 2020.

From March to May, we saw nearly a 40% reduction in reimbursements, and like you, we asked ourselves: what are we going to do with the exceptional margin of this period 🤔?

With transparency first, we’ll tell you everything in this article!

Spoiler alert: it starts with "give", and ends with "back"...

Even if it's not over...

After 3 months of an exceptional situation, who can tell what 2020 still has in store? On the insurance side, (we think) we know a bit more, and we agree on three trends:

  1. There was a "catch-up" effect in June, where reimbursements not only returned to pre-Covid levels, but are now exceeding them.
  2. The potential difficulties of companies will probably lead to layoffs, entitling the departing employees to free coverage of health expenses by insurance companies — also known as "portabilité".
  3. The public authorities could ask the insurers to give a hand in the context of a "national effort". This is an opportunity to get the public opinion back on track, after the tensions around compensation during containment (related to losses suffered by companies).
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… our pillars have not changed ✊

Our elevator pitch is valid everywhere, not only in the elevator – by the way, we try to take the stairs 😇. It starts like this: "Alan's mission is to make health simpler, fairer and more transparent, starting with insurance". Fairness is one of our founding pillars. It's in Alan's DNA, whether it's lowering our rates, sometimes increasing them, or like here, "Giving Back".

That's why we've made a commitment to donate all of our 2020 excess profits to a charity. By "excess profit," we mean our entire result above a gross margin of 20% — which is the market average, and something is explained at length and in detail in our article (in French) "How does a health insurance work?" 🧐.

This means that at least 100,000€ will be given to hospital staff. This is how we meet our commitments: to guarantee a fair offer while providing a service to the community.

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